A downloadable game for Windows

You can now find a browser build of the same game HERE!

- One Ball

- One Line

- One Key (The 1 Key ofc)

- One Dimension

-One Life

- One Note Music

Increase your score as much as possible before you hit an obstacle. The only Key you need is the '1' Key. We didn't have enough time to tweak the difficulty so it is quite hard. :P

Developed by BlackJack and myself :)

Fan Art by MegaQuak

Install instructions

Just unzip the file and run the exe file :)


OneLine.zip 22 MB

Development log


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The game has two dimensions indeed, because of the height. :-)

Pssst! Noone has noticed so far... xD In fact our first idea was to make it purely one dimensional and use colors on the line instead of height but then we decided to cheat a bit... :P